What is the fargo comprehensive plan?

The Fargo Comprehensive Plan will establish the community’s vision for the future of Fargo.  It will ensure that city government, the private sector, and the public are all working together to achieve a common vision.  The comprehensive plan will consider all of the systems that make up our city (e.g. infrastructure, flood mitigation, energy, transportation, natural resources, land use, and quality of life) and will identify policies, projects, and other investments that will move Fargo ahead.

Why plan?

The common vision established in the comprehensive plan will provide the primary direction for decision makers in the future.  An ambitious comprehensive plan will boost Fargo’s economy, improve its quality of life, and foster the advancement and prosperity for generations to come.  With an engaged citizenry, a visionary City Commission  and a robust private sector, Fargo can move together toward a better future.
The last comprehensive plan, finished in 1995, provided critical direction for numerous accomplishments, including the downtown revitalization and the NDSU technology park.  This plan will build on the successes of the past and create the next big ideas for Fargo’s future.

Who is conducting the comprehensive plan?

The City of Fargo Department of Planning and Development is leading this effort with a team of local and national planning experts.  The consultant team includes BNIM (a national planning and architecture firm based in Kansas City), SRF (a local engineering and environmental consulting firm), and AE2S (a local environmental consulting firm). Funding for the Fargo Comprehensive Plan comes primarily from an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant from the Department of Energy.

Planning Process Schedule

Planning Process Scedule

Discover: Creating a vision for the future of Fargo is the goal of the discover phase.

Analyze:  The planning team will analyze the data and feedback to determine the biggest opportunities for Fargo’s future.

Plan: Working collaboratively with the community through meetings, our website (go2030.net), and other events, the planning team will create the plan recommendations.

Align: During the align phase, the planning team will build further consensus and momentum behind the plan. The team will determine responsible organizations, costs, and a timeline for implementing the plan.

Adopt: The City will formally adopt Go 2030: The Fargo Comprehensive Plan during this phase.  This means the plan will be the official city policy and will be a decision making guide for the City Commission.