You’re invited to participate in an community workshop event and public talk: The emotional landscape, presented by Rebecca Krinke, a landscape architect and sculptor.

Date: Tuesday, November 8

Time: 7:00-8:30pm

Location: Fargo City Hall, Commission Rm.

From the Plains Art Museum’s website:

Place and emotion are strongly intertwined but often overlooked in thinking about cities, design, and people’s experiences. Landscape architect and sculptor Rebecca Krinke will discuss her recent participatory public artworks that explore place and emotion, with a focus on her recent project, The Mapping of Joy and Pain. Rebecca Krinke is a multimedia artist and designer working in sculpture, installations, and site art. In broad terms, her work deals with issues related to trauma and recovery—moving from individuals to societies to ecosystems and back again. Krinke’s sculpture has focused on embodying trauma, using the body as a starting point, while her installations and site works have focused on ideas of recovery through contemplative, transformative environments. She disseminates her work through gallery shows and temporary and permanent public works. Krinke’s most recent projects have moved into the realm of participatory public artworks that use writing, mapping, and talking as ways of public engagement and catharsis. She is Professor of Landscape Architecture in the College of Design at the University of Minnesota.

For more, visit Her talk is copresented by Plains Art Museum and the City of Fargo.