During the community meeting last week, attendees was asked to rate “key initiatives” by voting for them with beans in jars labeled with each initiative.  This prioritization exercise will influence how the City of Fargo will direct its resources in the future.  If you missed your chance to vote in the community meeting – be sure to vote online at the Go2030 Town Hall website.


Guiding Principle Initiative Number of Beans in Jar
Water and Environment Tree Canopy 61
Water and Environment Permanent Flood Protection 59
Water and Environment Parks, Open Space, and Habitat 57
Health City -Wide Trail Loop 54
Energy Incentives for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Production 52
Neighborhoods, Infill, and New Development Design Standards 43
Arts and Culture Public Art 40
Transportation Bicycle/Pedestrian Infrastructure 38
Neighborhoods, Infill, and New Development Promote Infill 37
Arts and Culture Public Gathering Spaces 37
Transportation Vehicular Access to Downtown 33
Health Year-Round Recreational Opportunities 32
Arts and Culture Festivals and Cultural Events 29
Neighborhoods, Infill, and New Development Historical Preservation 28
Economic Development Amenities and Beautification as an Economic Development Tool 26
Transportation Transportation Linkages Across the Red River 24
Neighborhoods, Infill, and New Development High Quality Affordable Housing near NDSU 23
Economic Development Entrepreneurship 21
Energy City Led Energy Efficiency, Reduced Carbon Footprint 19
Health Healthy Food 19
Economic Development Redevelop West Acres Commercial Area 19
Water and Environment Waste and Recycling 17
Health Regional Recreational Amenity 17
Water and Environment Green Stormwater Infrastructure 16
Transportation Improve Transit 16
Arts and Culture Access to Art Classes and Cultural Programs 16
Water and Environment Drinking Water Quality and Supply 12
Water and Environment Watershed Management 11
Energy Smart Grid 11
Economic Development Workforce Training 11
Health Access to Healthcare 10
Water and Environment Water Conservation 9
Water and Environment Light Pollution 8
Neighborhoods, Infill, and New Development Housing for new Americans and Low Income Residents 4
Water and Environment Air Quality 3
Economic Development Incentives for Specialized Space 1